What Are The Benefits Of Adopting Sitelock Security For Your Website?

In recent years, with the exponential growth in the number of websites, security threats have increased too. Therefore, it is imperative to have a clear idea about cybersecurity and the ways to prevent being attacked. Hackers, viruses, malware, and other online threats have made site owners leave no stone unturned to keep their sites secure. While there are many ways to prevent your site from being attacked, today, our topic of discussion is SiteLock Security and its benefits.

What is SiteLock Security?

SiteLock Security is a web security tool ensuring comprehensive protection of your website. It helps in preventing hackers from gaining access to your site by blocking malware, SQL injections, etc.

Benefits of adopting SiteLock Security for your website

Here are the benefits of adopting SiteLock Security for your website:

Vulnerability Scan

SiteLock offers 360-degree protection by scanning your website regularly for malware. Most hackers use malware to gain access to your site and steal critical information or cause havoc. With proactive scanning, SiteLock can ensure that it takes corrective action before any damage is done.


SiteLock also offers a firewall that protects your site from malicious traffic and hackers while blocking any potentially harmful requests. Further, it alerts you every time there is a security issue, provides CAPTCHA-based security, prevents attacks from bots, and helps in identifying the source of the attack.

Application Scan

Another important feature of SiteLock is that it scans all your web applications regularly to identify potential vulnerabilities. All apps are regularly updated. However, how do you know that the updated version is safe? While the publishers ensure it, SiteLock adds an extra layer of protection by verifying the updated versions against the app-catalogue.

Builds Trust

Every online user is aware of security threats like malware and viruses. Hence, if a site shows the smallest signs of having a security issue, users tend to abandon it without a second thought. In fact, Google has also taken this up by displaying a ‘Not Secure’ sign on Chrome if the site does not have the basic SSL security in place. Once your website passes the security tests of SiteLock, you and the online users are assured of its security. It also displays a security trust seal on your website to tell users that the site has been scanned today and is free of any threats. This helps in building trust with your customers.

Summing Up

While you must take other security measures too, SiteLock definitely deserves a place in your arsenal of security tools. Remember, a website stores important information. Even if you are not allowing any financial transactions on your website, a user’s personal information needs protection too. Therefore, you must ensure that you use the best security tools to keep online threats away. Good Luck!