The Evaluation Of Huawei Honor Magicbook 14

When we want to buy laptops, it’s hard to choose from the types, such as color value, performance, endurance, weight and cost performance. If you don’t know it well before purchasing, then you can’t understand these parameters.

Recently, HUAWEI launched a new HUAWEI HONOR Magicbook 14 laptop. For those who have difficulty in choosing, you may take a look. This laptop is aimed at business people. In the field of business laptop, it is the “king” of the same kind. Its cost performance is very high.

Let’s Take A Look At The Excellent Features Of Magicbook 14.

Multi-Screen Collaboration

Multi-screen collaboration is the most special function of HUAWEI. Just touch the computer with your HUAWEI mobile phone, and the computer will recognize. It will synchronize your mobile phone surface change to the computer screen. You can view the information in the mobile phone in real time. You can transfer and share the files in the mobile phone or the computer. In this mode, the transmission rate is fast. You can control the mobile phone on the computer. This achieves “no delay”.


The target is business office workers. Its appearance is a leader in the same field. The visual immersion effect brought by the micro-frame design with equal width on three sides of the screen is good. 84% of the screen accounts for the same proportion as IPS fog screen. The experience of watching video is comfortable. It can reduce the reflection of light on the screen. The visual angle of 178 can reduce the damage of blue light to eyes.

Its silvery aluminum bottom case matches with the black keyboard. It is elegant and high-end. The weight of MagicBook 14 is very satisfactory, only 1.38 kg. The thickest part of the computer is 15.9 mm, light and thin. It is durable and convenient. This reflects the appearance of a business laptop.


It is equipped with the new AMD RyzenTM 5 4500U mobile processor or AMD RyzenTM 5 3500U mobile processor. It has and the latest 7nm architecture. MagicBook 14 has powerful computing power to make your daily work easy. The Ryzen TM 5 4500U mobile processor improves multicore performance by up to 33.7%. With the blessing of 6 cores and 6 threads, you can achieve fast and smooth performance for any task.

Magicbook 14

Heat Dissipation

Magicbook 14 has designed a more efficient fan for heat dissipation. It adds 50% of the heat dissipation fan blades and 38% of the heat dissipation. Moreover, the unique fan design effectively reduces noise. There is a 65W USB-C fast charging charger. It greatly shortens the charging time. At the same time, the battery life is not weak when charging fast. The long battery life of 10.5 hours can make you work all day. You don’t need to worry about the problem of no electricity.

Privacy And Security

The appearance and performance of the product are important. So is your privacy. MagicBook 14 ‘s pop-up webcam is embedded in the keyboard. It will pop up when needed. The built-in fingerprint scanner can unlock and enter the desktop with one click.

This laptop is a good choice for business office.