The 5 Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In North Carolina


buy property in north carolina

Whether you are looking to relocate for a job or to cash buy a property, North Carolina has a little bit of every type of locale you could want: busy cities, rolling hills, and gorgeous beaches. The real question is: where in North Carolina would you like to settle down for a while?

Chapel Hill, NC

Current Average List Price: $564,500

As this college town routinely ranks among some of the most expensive real estate areas in the United States, the most expensive homes in North Carolina are located in Chapel Hill.

Home to multiple colleges, it should be no surprise that Chapel Hill tops this list. Young, well educated, recent graduates stick around to start working their new careers and build families.

Apex, NC

Current Average List Price: $450,165

Apex is a medium-sized city with a community of 53,852 people and 11 integral neighborhoods, making Apex the 22nd most populous area in North Carolina.

With nearly 90% of the town’s workforce working in a professional field, Apex is certainly a city for the career person. A significant portion of these people are employed in industries that deal with computers or math.

Waxhaw, NC

Current Average List Price: $449,750

Waxhaw is a town of recently built homes. As more and more people move into town, you’ll see that a majority of them choose to build a brand new house.

Though the average commute of 34.85 minutes to work is a bit higher than the national average, Waxhaw is full of families with children, making it an ideal location to find many family-oriented services within its community.

Asheville, NC

Current Average List Price: $435,000

Asheville is more of a larger medium-sized city with a population of 92,452 people, making Asheville the 11th largest town in the state.

Asheville is full of creatives. Artists, designers, and those working in media make up a significant part of the workforce in Ashville, along with many in other fields, such as food service, sales, and healthcare.

Wake Forest, NC

Current Average List Price: $434,900

The national average of adults with a college degree is 21.84%, making the medium-sized town of Wake Forest quite a bit above average with 54.18% of its adults having a college education.

Ranking the 15th safest city, Wake Forest is considered one of the best places to live in North Carolina. Residents can take advantage of any of the many parks or just shop in some of the local small businesses.

Wherever you decide to visit, North Carolina has plenty of diverse areas to offer.