Plants for Corporate Gifting

Although your employees may not say it, some words of praise can do wonders for their enthusiasm and productivity. On the other hand, the client always has a soft corner for a personal commitment on your behalf. Therefore, by picking live and natural green plants for corporate gift ideas, you can add more value to your words by appreciating their efforts through gifts that are meaningful, long-lasting, and worthy.

Green gifts give an environmentally friendly environment and encourage your employees to win these awards and increase work efficiency. These corporate gifts are very important for developing a professional relationship and motivating your employees. Plants as corporate gifts are amazingly productive and health-beneficial gifts to give to your staff or employees or anyone associated. Below given are the best plants for corporate gifting. But before, let us go through some advantages of why plants make the best gift of all time.

  • The plants are long lasting, easy to care for and the most effective natural air purifiers
  • Plants can be gifted to a person of any stature, any position as plants suit all profession
  • The plants can also be used for branding and positioning purposes
  • Gifting a plant is caring for the environment and contributes towards ecological conservation.

Let’s get started!

Jade Plant

Jade plant is very popular in gardening because of its interesting structure and easy care. These require a fair amount of light, but they definitely want to dry between water. Their thick skinned leaves mean that the plant is capable of storing plenty of water. Jade plants do not appear to flower, but they have a lovely bonsai-tree-like effect that is pleasing. They can grow quickly if they live in a place that is good for them. Gift a beautiful potted plant to your employee or associate and send them a token of love and care.

Our Corporate Gifting Program offers an easy way for sales and marketing  teams to connect with clients. A live desk plant is a gift from us. —  Garden Streets


Peperomia plants are another small and beautiful plant that makes a perfect desktop or tabletop plant. Peperomia plants found in South and Central America are found in various colors, including red, cream, green, and even grey. Although they prefer a bright indirect natural light source, peperomia plants can also thrive under fluorescent light, making them a good choice for underground offices or home office plants.

Lucky Bamboo

The bamboo plant symbolizes good health, wealth and happiness. Nothing symbolizes your care and good wishes better than a beautiful potted bamboo plant. You are not only wishing your employees or associates or clients a good fortune and prosperity, but you are giving them a lifetime gift that grows. A thoughtful gesture like this is sure to keep the love flowing. Also, lucky bamboo is one NASA recommend air purifying indoor plants. A perfect pick to express care and appreciation.

Aloe Vera

For those who like their gifts to serve a functional purpose, an Aloe Vera plant is the right choice. It is easy to take care of, only requires water every few weeks, and the gel under the leaves can be used for sunburn, makeup setting sprays, and more.

Order these plants online and send your employees or associates these green tokens of love, care and appreciation. Happy gifting!