Perfect Cooking Of Sablefish

Have tons of ideas inside your mind? Sablefish sushi, what does sablefish taste like, sablefish recipe baked… Don’t worry! Great chefs will tell you: everything is a cooking affair. And this is especially true for the sablefish. But what is the ideal cooking for the fish? Follow us, we explain everything! This article is not about sablefish recipe, this is about how to cook sablefish!


Festive cooking par excellence, the barbecue is better for fish with firm flesh including sablefish. We do not scare the fish so that it retains all its mellowness. It is brushed with a little oil before seasoning with herbs and spices. And above all, we make sure to adapt the distance between embers and fish. The thicker it is, the more you have to move it away from the heat source to give it time to cook inside.

Allow 1 to 2 minutes per face for a standard sized sardine, 5 to 8 minutes per side for a king bream.

Under the oven grill

It is a cooking well adapted to sablefish of small or average size (up to 400 g for a whole piece or 2 cm of thickness max for sliced ​​fish). Preheat your oven (upper grill). Sponge your sablefish black cod with paper towels, and scrape the skin so that it does not burst.

Brush the sablefish with oil or butter, before spreading on a nonstick baking sheet or oiled baking sheet, and bake. For thin fillets (3 or 4 minutes cooking time), place them 10 cm away from the heat source. For thicker fish (whole or sliced), increase the distance slightly and allow 8 to 10 minutes of cooking time. Do not return your fish or nets.


– For large one

To be favored for large fish. So that they do not dry out, plan to add water or white wine, and water regularly, especially if it is a lean fish (sole, bar …). For very large parts, preheat your oven to 180 ° C and for smaller ones, to 200 ° C. You can choose your preferred sablefish recipes baked by searching online.


This method limits odors and offers a softer flesh thanks to cooking “in its own juice”. It is suitable for small fish, fillets and pieces. Use either silicone foil or parchment paper and cook at 180 ° C.

Ideal to cook at the same time a garnish (small cubed vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes). Incise your fish so that the skin does not burst and deposit it in a dish containing a cooking juice (court bouillon, white wine, fish stock …). Bake at 220 ° C and water regularly with the juice after the first quarter of an hour of cooking. Count from 15 minutes (for a small fish of 200 g) to 50 minutes (for a piece of 1.5 kg).

In the pan

This is the favorite cooking of all sablefish

Flour and lightly salt your fish. Cook quickly in a hot pan with a little butter. When it is well browned on both sides, lower the heat and cook until the flesh becomes slightly transparent and comes off easily. Allow 6 to 8 minutes to cook depending on the thickness.

In the microwave

Fast cooking par excellence, perfect for sablefish fillets. Choose pieces of the same size and thickness for even cooking. To keep the flesh soft, add a few drops of water and cover the plate with plastic wrap. Cooking times vary from 3 to 5 minutes.


Without fat, cooking with steam is very dietary. It is done with a court-bouillon, fish stock, or simply water. The fillets and steaks must be very thin (2 to 3 cm maximum) and homogeneous. Place them in a single layer under salad leaves, in a bamboo box or covered daisy, without the bottom touching the liquid boiling. Oil your fish at the end of cooking to “fix” the aromas. The cooking is finished when the flesh is easily detached.

Sablefish is a fish that is very easy to process as you wish; smoked sablefish, grilled sablefish, baked sablefish and so on. Hopefully the tips above can be useful for you. For your info, if you want buy sablefish online, you can rely on In the end, it seems that cooking sablefish is not so difficult. Agree?