How Event Organisers Are Making the Most of Technology

With the abundance of new technology, people from all industries are able to use these new opportunities to their advantage. What is also great is that people are using optimising older technologies by using them in new and improved ways. One specific sector embracing all that technology has to offer is the events industry.

Events managers in particular are utilising technology to make events more accessible and easier for guests to navigate. The benefits of technology make up a never-ending list, and this means that event organisers can reap the benefits no matter the size of the event. If this sounds interesting to you, continue reading for three ways that event organisers are making the most out of technology.

Using Social Media to their Advantage

Newer types of technology such as handheld and mobile devices are making life easier for everyone – especially in terms of communication and enjoyment. The increased usage of mobile phones has resulted in the boom of online social media as more and more people take to social sites where they can communicate and share aspects of their lives.

Event organisers are using social media to their advantage in different ways. They use media sites and apps to create a platform for themselves where they can communicate with customers, network with other companies and promote services and events. The main benefits of social media are that most popular sites are free and easy to use. Promotions are key for event planners, so having this platform to promote and advertise events is second to none.

Optimising What’s Already Available

Another way event organisers are making the most of technology is by optimising what’s already available and improving it. For example, some event organisers are becoming adept with RFID wristbands. Each band can be optimised to hold the guest’s ticket and can act as their wallet whilst being connected to their social media. This can be done through the RFID technology whereby the chip is scanned using a smartphone or wristband reader.

These bands are cheap to buy and can also be bought in bulk, making their use perfect for larger events. In the past, event organisers have used these wristbands as their sole organisation system for each guest, especially within theme parks and festivals. Pretty neat!

Marketing Services

As well as increased social media use, event organisers are also making use of marketing services to increase their platform and income. Event organisers use these types of marketing strategies to promote new events and other items to previous customers. This can be done through an email marketing service where the events company can keep their customers up to date with new advertisements and competitions, for example. The amazing world of technology allows event organisers to use marketing services, allowing them to keep in touch with customers and brands.

Above is only a few ways of how technology is being used to optimise event management and organisation. Technology makes life more exciting and easier for everyone using it.

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