Here’s How Smart Lighting Can Make Your Home Look Bigger

Lighting is one of the most impactful things in any home. Your home can have a very drastic visual impact with only a few minor changes. Lighting can be responsible for completely transforming the look and feel of a home to whatever a homeowner may want, and if you choose to opt for smart lighting, it comes with a range of other benefits as well. Smart lighting not only gives you a lot more options regarding what to do with your home, it is also much better for the environment and will save you a lot of money on electrical bills in the long-run.

Contrary to popular belief, your home does not need to be extremely bright in order for your home to look good. However, if you’re aiming to make it look bigger, there are a few tricks you can use to give that effect visually.

Use Mirrors

If your aim is simply to give the illusion of a larger space rather than actually having more space in your home, mirrors are a great tool for the job. The placement of a mirror is very important when trying to utilize its ability to make a space look bigger. A few things you can do is placing it either opposite to a natural light source, like a window or door, or simply pointing it towards a reflective surface. This can be furniture or a white wall, however, if the wall is completely plain, it may give a flat impact.

Use Less Furniture

The less obstructions there are, the bigger your home will look. A lot of homeowners can often make the mistake of cluttering their home way too much – this applies to all kinds of décor, whether it be furniture, art pieces on walls or collectibles. Try to minimize the furniture you use and cut down on décor. In this case, quality is more important than quantity. If you know not to add too much décor to your home, you will be able to invest in things that are of better quality, since you will not be purchasing much. Less décor will also help the light spread more easily, since there will be less surfaces and colors to absorb or obstruct it.

Customizable Colors

One of the best things about smart lighting is that it can be customized. There are millions of colors for homeowners to select from, depending on what kind of lights you have. You do not have to stick to one look for your home, and can change it according to a specific event, mood or time of day. From a bright home to one with soft, ambient lighting, you can have everything with this one purchase without having to separately get different kinds of lights. This can end up saving you a lot of time and money, while also making your home look much more beautiful.


Smart lights consume less energy than their predecessors. An example of this are LED bulbs, which are much better in terms of power consumption than old incandescent ones. These bulbs are not only better for the environment, but are also much safer to use in your home. They produce much less heat and are at a lower risk of getting damaged; this means that not a lot of waste is generated, and you will rarely have to spend on repair and maintenance costs when it comes to your home’s lighting, since smart products often come with reliable warranties. You can use this to your home’s advantage by keeping them on for a longer period of time, since you no longer have to worry about huge electrical bills either.

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Outdoor Lighting

Another great use for smart lighting within any home is by using it to illuminate the outdoor space. While it may be overlooked, outdoor lighting contributes heavily to the impression which your home makes on any visitors. You home will look brighter and much more open with outdoor lighting, while providing you with a range of other benefits as well. This includes better security, as well as much less manual effort in turning on the lights whenever needed, since you always have options like automatic solar-powered lights for any outdoor space.

You Can Style It

With smart lighting, you never have to worry about getting bored of the same look. This is because they can be used to illuminate your home in a variety of different styles. You can use texture, angles and colors to give any kind of impact you may desire, making them a great option for anyone who wants to get creative when decorating their home. With smart lighting, you can change your home’s atmosphere drastically at a comparatively cheaper cost than other methods. A good example of this is using LED strip lights under or behind furniture, giving it a futuristic neon glow to help the space look larger.


Smart lighting to make your home look like a bigger, more open space is a great idea for anyone who can afford it. One can never go wrong with smart lighting; not only can it help your home look better, it can provide other benefits as well, such as better security for your home. While they can be effective, not all homeowners can afford to invest in gadgets like a doorbell camera; lighting your home well can definitely help you in this case.