Are There Sex Offenders Around My Home?

Parents from all over the country are asking “are there sex offenders around my home?” Unfortunately, the answer to that is probably a strong YES. As much noise that is going around these days about child molesters and sex trafficking more and more people are choosing to find out the truth about their neighbors. What about yours; do you know who they are? Would you be shocked to find out they were on a sex offender registry list? Be prepared to find out some ugly truths when you do searches.

Sex Offender Mugshots

Each time a person gets arrested they get what’s called a mugshot, or a booking photo that the law enforcement agency keeps on file for their records. This can be a huge help when you are trying to identify sex offenders that live near you. Laws that say sex offenders need to register their information with the state that they live in, also say that they have to provide recent photographs of their faces. This makes it really easy to spot and recognize people that could be living next door to you. When you do an online search you should be able to see exactly what the offender looks like and know them by face.

How Do You Find Out About Sex Offenders Near You?

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Fortunately, the government has made it pretty easy to locate convicted sex offenders. All you have to do is know where to look. In some cases, you don’t even need to have a name, only an address or zip code. This is great news. Getting the facts and knowing the truth about the people that live around you is not only useful but can save lives. One tool you can use is the national sex offender public website. Although there is a ton of information in there regarding convicted sex offenders, not all states are allowed to show information on a locator map. This makes it difficult to do area searches. It also requires a name. If you happen to have the name of the person you are interested in finding information about you will be in luck. If not, you will have to figure out other ways.

Learn About Sex Offenders Near you With Kids Live Safe

Kids Live Safe is a great organization that is passionate about keeping kids and loved ones safe from sexual predators. If you want to find out where sex offenders live in your neighborhood all you have to do is put in an address and within seconds you will have the results. Be prepared for the truth, though. You never know what the story of your neighbor could be. Knowing who lives around you is power. It can keep you safe from possible sexual deviants and even possibly save a life.