5 Reasons to Seek Digital Mailroom Solutions

Digital mailroom solutions are being utilized all over the world. Key factors that have so many enterprises switching to digital mail are safety, economy, and common sense. The digital age is here to stay.  

Digital Mail Reduces the Spread of Germs

Eco-Mail digital mail solution cuts back on the risk of spreading germs because the work is done far away from the business in an isolated area where mail is sent digitally to its recipient. Not one employee in the office will touch it; this means that any paper mail that could be carrying contaminants will be far away without a hint of a threat to anybody in the company.

Digital Mail Lowers Overall Costs

At an enterprise scale, by choosing to handle paper mail with a digital mailroom solution, you remove the transportation, storage, routing, and extra labor and handling costs. And you can save one dollar or more per each piece of mail that comes in, putting money back into the business where it belongs.

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Digital Mail Offers Better Security

There is no way to keep track of everybody who comes in contact with paper mail, and it can easily get stolen or opened by the wrong people, which can lead to leaked valuable personal information. Using an enterprise digital mailroom solution with Eco-Mail will cut down the security risks and make mail trace-able and tracked.

Digital Mail Gives You More Control

A digital mailroom solution allows users to gain access to and track the process of each document. Each document will always end up right where it is supposed to go with a documented trail every step of the way, giving you more control.

Digital Mail Is More Efficient

Just about every aspect of receiving paper mail takes a lot of extra time and money. It has to be opened, sorted, scanned, and directed to the recipient. It then has to be filed away and stored safely. It takes days to communicate via paper mail and just hours with digital. For all of these reasons, utilizing a digital mailroom solution is more efficient.

Enterprise Digital Mailroom Solutions with Eco-Mail

Eco-Mail is an enterprise mailroom solution for the evolving business. Digital mail is a legitimate option that has the potential to save time and money while keeping your business activities private and secure. Start optimizing your business with Eco-Mail today.